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She is laying in bed perfect body just waiting to get jumped on. Big tit bridesmaid. It's this shared fear that carries the movie. I appreciate the attempt the filmmakers were going for but if a studio had bought the idea and redone the movie professionally instead of just distributing the original, the end result would probably have been better.

So it was an interesting thing; everyone says 'how did they talk you into that? I don't believe that there's ever 'I did it for artistic reasons. Blanchard ryan nude pics. I fail to see the sexual attraction of Blanchard Ryan. He hops into bed with only to find that she's not in the mood.

I wanted to see the director go all the way and have a feeding frenzy on them with bloodcurdling screams. I would have liked her to have shown more pubic hair or even parts of her genitalia, but she is hot nonetheless and has big tits Normally, blondes don't do anything for me, but this one has jolted my system which is precisely, my guess is, what the producers intended to do.

Since my order of viewing preference is breasts, rear, legs, the lack of a complete pubic region shot is fine by me, but may not please others. This ending may be more realistic, but like Eric, I prefer a little imagination in my movies. Unfortunatelly, producers made her cover the bottom with the bed sheet, otherwise we would have seen her juicy pretty sure labia. And of course the shark fears are all gone because I did that already.

The thought of being left in the middle of the ocean is terrifying to me. Free xxx ass licking. The director could have done so much with this but he chose otherwise. All that — those fears. All in all not a bad scene and a hell of a stunning girl! I was disturbed on a primal level. I do agree that the movie is very boring, and even the nude scene in the movie is boring. Not a very sexy scene but you do see a bit. Despite the amateurish acting and poor dialogue you still want to know what's going to happen.

AdNoctum was written on August 20, I give her three stars for showing her pubes, though I normally reserve this high rating for more skin. So what happens to them in the movie?

Awesome body, especially when you consider that she was about 36 at the time of filming. He's right about the acting though, it is pretty amateurish, especially the guy. I mean, the air conditioner's broken, I think it makes total sense. Big black milf videos. I mean, I don't walk around like that, but when you've been with your boyfriend for a long time The thing this movie has going for it is its setup.

Although I am a firm believer that women should retain their natural breasts, Ryan is rather on the podgy side.

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Chazz was written on August 24, The director could have done so much with this but he chose otherwise.

Her nudity was very natural and very well lit. DamesGuru was written on September 4, Too bad the scene didn't go anywhere. Sexy lesbians in thongs. Ryan is scene in the bed of her hotel wearing nothing but a pair of reading glasses.

Otherwise, you get a virtually full-body shot, with a sheet pulled up between her legs to by-and-large cover her groin, though the sheet partly slips off when she rolls over to turn off the light. All in all not a bad scene and a hell of a stunning girl! When she moves towards her boyfriend we then get to partially see a bit of her pubic hair light brown in color which is very neatly trimmed into a longish, medium-width rectangular.

We get to see her lovely breasts on the bigger and fuller side, fully natural, with medium-sized aureolas. Blanchard Ryan is a very pretty lady with lovely puffy nipples. It succeeds in that the acting is amateurish and the ending is shocking yet disappointing. Member Login Sign in not a member? You get an extended view of her bare breasts as she lays nude in bed. Blanchard ryan nude pics. The scene starts by focusing on her face, but the next shot reveals her laying on the bed naked with just a bit of bed sheet strategically covering between her legs.

When they surface, they find that the boat that brought them to the middle of the ocean has left them behind. Blanchard Ryan Sexy MrSkin report. Girls with naked body. She has beautiful skin and full breasts. The moments that do work in this movie are the ones that evoke that fear the strongest.

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AdNoctum was written on August 20, I found Blanchard very appealing. Well worth the rent on DVD. I give her three stars for showing her pubes, though I normally reserve this high rating for more skin.

Open Water was often touted as an example of that happening. A professional studio film could have done reshoots, rewrites and careful editing to cover weak performances. So what happens to them in the movie? Okay, the female lead does a nude scene early on. I don't believe that there's ever 'I did it for artistic reasons. Jessica alba nude having sex. But as the danger and fear increase, the bad acting gets more and more noticeable. Open Water is one of those independent movies that attempts to buck traditional Hollywood filmmaking.

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