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Response to Demit Reply 66 Mon Oct 23, Yes I'm busy and don't really have time to post much because I don't have time to banter back and forth. And suddenly they are standard. Taraji p henson nude video. Not sure whether it is related, many years ago the actor Glenn Close discussed her appearance in a period movie, may have been Hamlet.

I care what they say not what they wear. Stephanie ruhle naked. It looks like something tied around your necks so your boss can more easily strangle you -- and why should you have to buy a tie-clip, as well, to keep it from getting caught in something? Many wear the same suit, or jackets with change of shirts and ties, if needed. Instead attack the industry that makes it difficult to get a job as a woman unless you're a perfect 10 and pressures those 10s to show it off.

When you see "women in cocktail dresses" whether or not that's actually what Ruhle was wearingthe men will be in suit and tie - or even tuxedo, because it's really formal. It helped getting off on the right foot. We've even had a DUer calling it "dressing provocatively". Response to procon Reply 86 Tue Oct 24, What in the world does her clothing have to do with it?

Women have it hard enough to stay competitive with men, and it's like saying that they aren't good enough on a professional level so lets just doll them up and go for the sexy glam shot like Fox does. Katie holmes nude photos. Tell me when you last saw a journalist standing knee deep in flood waters and reporting whilst wearing a slinky cocktail dress instead of raingear and rubber boots? I mean, for real!

Stephanie Ruhle is awesome. I suppose we have a different threshold for "excellent job" When I am home, I watch the Velshi and Ruhle program As an oldie from the s, I am always a bit surprised at a dropped shoulder, but that was how women were brought up in those days The tenth-most popular non-finance article was a Comtex writeup of this story about a Chicago-area town's effort to break a Guiness World Record by lighting 32, jack-o'-lanterns.

I feel a lot of sympathy for women who go on the air They are constantly judged about their appearance in ways to which men are not subjected. Nothing else in the world going on anyway Response to obamanut Reply 52 Sat Oct 21, We shouldn't be too hard on women. It's your attitude that is straight from the 50s. I pointed out that men do not feel a need to change, they wear the same clothes for their morning show and their evening.

I like that dress. Ruhle might be a private citizen, but she's a woman who has a highly visible professional job in a respected career that is dominated by men and constantly being dragged down by the giggling nitwits in cocktail dresses that predominate Fox News.

Response to kydo Reply 16 Sat Oct 21, Response to obamanut Reply Mon Oct 23, Similar to what Melania wore on inauguration party The shoulders part.

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Here, I think the woman on the right is showing too much neck, is the woman on the left okay?

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Could it be related to: Again, no cleavage and style actually downplaying bosom, but showing shoulder and collarbone. MSNBC has managed to get a wonderful coterie of women journalists and commentators together, and I look forward to each one of them except Andrea Mitchell.

Quit trying to bully people and move on. Amanda peterson tits. It helped getting off on the right foot. But haha how clever. If Wallace and Ruhle choose to wear that clothing, that's their right, and if the sight of a bare shoulder and collarbone is so offensive to you, you have the right to watch another network or other shows.

The "news" here is that she just posed for Esquire—her first nude shoot after decades as a model, at the age of She should be paired with Chris Matthews, than both of them can interrupt each other.

Response to obamanut Reply 50 Sat Oct 21, I find myself looking at what the women on faux news wear. Can you imagine Rachel in one of those supergirdle Spank-y outfits with the "optical panels"they put the girls into so they look skinny. We've seen all of this. Some people clearly have too much time on their hands I will support them wholeheartedly. Stephanie ruhle naked. I mean, I do see a "little" bit of skin on the woman in the burka.

And if the actual issue is that men hate suits and ties, well. Anorei collins tits. But female reporters just had to fight for the right to bare arms in the Capitol. Ali Velshi does fine, but so does Stephanie who has a long history in business and finance. Too bad the photo that you posted is no longer available, but Melania's is a close resemblance.

Response to question everything Reply 90 Sun Oct 22, Only Fox has in their contract what a woman has to wear on the air. Imagine if Maddow wore a revealing cocktail dress instead of her normal blah attire Response to titaniumsalute Reply Mon Oct 23, Men's features are larger than women's, and that makes it easier to see their facial expressions.

Cuthbert Allgood 1, posts. Just an odd choice that seems to have swept the profession in the past few years. Humidity is a thing and nobody dresses for overdressed misery except on Sundays and I don't even know if that's universal, but that side of the family are Baptists and Baptists are weird and repressed. I also found the October 8 Alex Witt outfit.

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