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Jabba's court had now retreated to their former positions, the rancor having returned to slumber after enjoying the hearty meal of Han Solo, and Jabba's harem girls moved about the audience chamber, flirting with the various patrons, while watching their master, and Leia, with trepidation.

Why does Jabba keep Leia on a chain? Leia reached out to Vivian, offering comfort. What would happen to Leia if Jabba died while Leia was his slave? Some of us were forced into slavery by former masters only to be granted solace with Lord Jabba. Sexy milf massage. She's supposed to be in the upcoming Star Wars films and here's to seeing Leia in her full form again although most likely not in a bikini since she is in her late 60s, but still looks damn good if you ask me.

He will not change this because it is at the cornerstone of Hutt philosophy. Leia organa naked. As she licks the slime from his rolls her hands wander aimlessly over the sultan slug's mounded body, caressing and massaging and kneading his doughy rolls. But to her releif she looked over to see her, still without the top of her costume, on the other end of jabbas armrest with huttese wine, ready to feed her master. Flushing with annoyance, and even a bit of jealousy, Leia turns and prepares to leave for her quarters, when her eyes catch something that causes her ire, and rage, and depressive confusion to new heights.

If Jabba would agree to her terms. If she did not like it, then he would tell her he was merely satisfied with her, and carry on with the execution. It just made no sense. Black escort brisbane. She will have what she wants, what SHE wants this time. Tonight's festivities are starting Leia, for her part, has never felt so flattered.

Finally, Jabba said, "Princess Leia, you do realise that if you were to be my slave, I would own you, do you not? This was a meeting of business purposes and nothing more. He held the cup up to Leia's mouth. I think it may help you better understand me Remember Me Forgot password? The odds were, unless she was a terrible lover, he would keep her regardless.

Vivian laughed, quietly and turned to Leia with eyes of reassurance. And so it was at this point that Princess Leia submitted her beautiful body to her Jabba the Hutt once again and began another long hour of pleasure with her powerful master. Which was odd, since Jabba had not eaten anything in hours. A few lamps lit the otherwise darkened room and incense burned on a hovering desk that held a large datapad. His eyes are glazed with pleasure as his thick tail wiggles on the ground.

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She rises and leans against the doughy rolls of fat that comprise the Hutt's bulk.

Jabba rumbles, his deep voice rocking her to her core as he sets the chain draped over his sluglike tail and then rests one hand on her hip while the other greasy one goes to dip past the concealing bonds of her bikini top, his sausage like digits caress and fondle her soft and supple tits. Even the other girls in Jabba's harem watched the scene with a sense of awe and amusement, and Leia returned their gaze with satisfaction.

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Never in his wildest fantasies would he dream of such a turn of events. Naked girls in converse. Leia could not believe it. Jabba did indeed have his own personal harem of willing slave girls, woman of startling beauty and ferocity who actually appreciate the retired gangster's affections. Flushing with annoyance, and even a bit of jealousy, Leia turns and prepares to leave for her quarters, when her eyes catch something that causes her ire, and rage, and depressive confusion to new heights.

The thought of being a slave girl to Jabba's harem was not such a bad one. The Princess had nothing to say. Leia organa naked. Luke and Leia are both hurting for different reasons. I want to stay with you. Milf nurse fuck. I want you here. Now that Leia was no longer a virgin, Jabba could really cut loose. How do you think Reinette would look in Leia's slave outfit? At least Han, Luke and Chewie were safe. I think it may help you better understand me It was Bib Fortuna. It had been about an hour since he started.

As Jabba begins to make love to Leia, in the dungeon, one of Jabba's dancers approaches Luke's cell. Jabba chuckled loudly, his mountainous body quaking as he finished typing up a few more numbers into his datapad. Does the Republic not feel the same way? Which was odd, since Jabba had not eaten anything in hours. Asians with big tits naked. Her immediate predecessor, Oola, refused Jabba's intimacy, mere minutes before Leia arrived at the palace, disguised as a bounty hunter named Boushh, bringing in Chewbacca, as part of Luke's plan to free Han.

She didnt struggle, like she normally did. Jabba reached into his aquarium bowl and pulled out a squeaking paddy frog. Nala was quick to settle unnecessary rumours. But no that these curves belong to my Master, Jabba the Hutt, for I am his favorite slave girl About an hour later, the barge returned to Jabba's palace.

Shall I get you another?

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