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Honestly, questioning her sexuality on the basis that she is childless and is in a de facto relationship with a man instead of dutifully married and barefoot is just absurd.

Richards says the menu was not circulated among guests at the fundraiser for Brough in late March - although Labor ministers on Thursday queried whether that account of events should be believed. Retrieved from " https: Mark Metcalfe, Getty Images.

Related Questions Julia Gillard has ginger hair, how many premiers in history have also had ginger hair? A furore erupted earlier this week over an lewd menu prepared in association with an LNP fundraiser in Brisbane containing explicit references to the prime minister's body including her breasts and "big red box. Cum on pumped pussy. Julia gillard lesbian. Controversial talk back radio host Howard Sattler posed the question to the prime minister on Thursday afternoon on the premise of clearing up rumours and things "you hear.

Being an election year, Labor panicked and installed the at the time more popular Gillard. American actress Lily Tomlin dressed as a rainbow-colored superhero to kick off this year's Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade, where superheroes marched alongside pairs of brides, pairs of grooms, cheerleaders, nuns, and vampires this past weekend, the Australian Associated Pres s reports.

Julia Gillard has been asked on a Perth radio program whether her live-in partner, Tim Mathieson, is gay. This bizarre statement made headlines across Australia. This page may be out of date. The horrifying amount of sexism being levelled at her and rarely checked by sane people in the media is a shocking indictment on the entire country.

Ina Royal Commission investigation was launched into the super-secret Labor slush fund! Community Saloon bar To do list What is going on? No, she has a partner. Our new Prime Minister is not the mainstream, centrist leader that the media want us to think she is.

When you hear Barack Obama and David Cameron talking about the same rights for all in a secular society and marriage equality helping gay youth stand tall, you realize what a morally vile and reprehensible human being the current PM-Julia Gillard truly is.

But I would have her judged on her abilities as a leader and not on her gender. Thanks for your post. Jack nicholson nude. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

Not least the growing demand for governments to divert aid budgets towards the accommodation of refugees in the Middle East and Europe, which Gillard admits, presents problems not only in terms of funding, but also to the wider global education agenda.

For concerns on copyright infringement please see: I have tried to figure out why she would be against it…. No; possibly you are thinking of Penny Wong, a Labor minister who is openly lesbian.

The extraordinary and inappropriate ambush of the prime minister on radio follows days of political controversy over the so-called gender wars. Posted by AuCorp at 5: Rather than dropping the issue, Sattler continued with the inquisition, evidently seeking to obtain a direct denial. Then they " extended " the Commission, wasting even more taxpayer money. News WeeklyFebruary 17, The corporate media, being subservient to the governments of the day, generally steers clear of the personal topics of government leaders, whilst exposing details of Mr.

Image 2 of 3. As a leader of a government you would think she would want to keep the public happy and that she would value their opinion.

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Tim said July 19, I think she deserves a go. Best free lesbian sex sites. In the opinions of the masses her nick name is quite simply Ju — Liar, not that this fact has any relevance to the ruling elite. But when it comes down to it these types have deceived in order to undermine the democratic process. You shouldnt publish such garbage on hearsay its very wrong.

International relations Propaganda War. The average Australian didn't really understand what it was, but many have since woken up that it is essentially a big expense which will effect ordinary people.

Australia, let's talk about manners Ben Pobjie. I thank you very much for the article on our new Prime Minister on your website. There really is something snake-like about her.

Yes it dose sound hard to believe but after this article from our newspaper The Age ,I believe Julia Gillard is the head of the Alpha Lodge and much thanks to the journlist who wrote the article to expose our New Prime Minister meeting with the witch coven.

Gillard was one of the two original paid organizers of the Forum. I just picked up my daily Sunday The Age newspaper here in Melbourne, Victoria and I dont know weather the journlist read your article or not but there it is for all to see with a picture of a witch coven who will meet with our Prime Minister Julia Gillard to be invited into their coven circle.

She has also distanced herself from Rudd, who had become the fall-guy for a bad government. Julia gillard lesbian. Dear Henry, it is marvelous the material you wrote about Jullia Gillard. Therese kablan nude. It speaks to who will be valued and who will be cast aside by our political leaders. It matters because it speaks directly to the question of trust. This is another one that simply needs to be renewed.

His reply on the "Bestia"-Gillard connection: Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. She should have been more populist and given Murdoch everything he wanted. So everybody, my fellow brothers and sister of Australia and the whole world, please don't suscribe to politics.

Tony said July 14, Gillard is an atheist and has no religious beliefs. What are some interesting facts about Julia Gillard? Citing her feminist beliefs, she said that her stance stemmed from resistance to the concept of marriage in itself and the hope that, instead of inviting gay and lesbian couples into a problematic institution, civil unions could be a more fruitful way forward.

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The LNP candidate said he apologised initially, not because he has seen the menu himself, but because he believed others might have seen it.

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No one wants a thankless job and the less we thank, I think, the fewer people will be willing to step up to bat. Newer Post Older Post Home.

I am selling this band, not an argument. While I completely understand this horrible position is horrifying to people, I also understand her position. Black and naked women. Busty blonde milf fucked Posted by AuCorp at 5: Views Article Discussion Edit History. So, I guess heterosexuals were successful in their programming of her. After toeing the line of Australian Labor Party boss Julia Gillard, the prime minister, Wong has finally come out in support of legalizing same-sex marriage and wants her party to change its own policy.

Australian politics Discrimination Gender Marriage equality. A handful of states have legalized gay marriage. It's highlighted even more by deals made with hate groups like the Australian Christian Lobby-whose only reason for existing is to demean and persecute the LGBT comunity. Julia gillard lesbian. Private superannuation funds will also be able to recognise a same-sex de facto partner who is nominated as a beneficiary in the same way as an opposite-sex partner. Am i lesbian or straight. All of Our Stories Matter. Australia has 22 million.

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Mature nude beautiful women This bizarre statement made headlines across Australia. Is Julia Gillard gay?
Plumber fucks milf Julie Ligeti, because of her relationship, agreed with the company she should have nothing to do with the matter.
Taylor wane tit fuck Loading comments… Trouble loading? Why is that important? Our new Prime Minister is not the mainstream, centrist leader that the media want us to think she is.
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